Share JWT token for Custom Auth between Retool apps

I use custom JWT auth in my Retool app, and it works great.

The app grows and I want to separate it into multiple retool apps and travel between them through the navigation header.

But when I travel to another app via navigation header, it asks me for login and password, as the JWT auth token is not shared between apps.

How can I share it?

Thank you in advance!

Hey @nikkie!

Happy to help here! Are you currently generating these JWTs in the app itself or using resource auth? Would you mind sharing some screenshots of your current setup?

Hi, @Chris-Thompson!
I generate JWTs with my own backend.

Current setup looks like this:

It does not ask for auth while I'm in edit mode, and requires it in preview

Hey @nikkie!

When this app asks you to re-auth, are you currently logged in with a Retool account or is this while accessing via a public app url?

Firstly I'm logged in with my retool account

Then retool asks JWT token from my API
Every separated Retool app asks for new login into my backend (JWT token obtained on first login is not shared)

We have solved the problem by moving away from retool and implementing our own admin dashboard.

Hey @nikkie — I see, I'm sorry we were not able to get this issue resolved for you in this case. It's my understanding that auth tokens should be shared between apps provided the user is logged in. If you decide at a later date to give Retool another try I'd be happy to help dig into this deeper from our end. In the meantime, I'm glad you were able to build out a solution that works for your team!