setValue method on text component adding extra quotes around string

The setValue method on text component adding extra quotes around string. In the attached screen shot you can see line 20 of the model_record copy function sets the value of modal_rec_req_type to "copy". You can see the resulting text in the top left of the modal dialog with quotes around it.

Hey @chris-g!

It looks like text.setValue("string") is working as expected for me. Are you using the new text component? And was this working for you before?

The new text control addresses the issue - sort of. Sometimes I get an javascript error that the setValue function doesn't exist and sometimes it works.

That's super strange! I believe the setValue feature was added onto the new text component last week. Does it give any errors when it doesn't work? Does it autofill when you type

Sometimes I see the auto-complete and sometimes the setValue does not show up. Here is a screen shot of the error message where modal_rec_req_type is the text control I am trying to set in javascript.

any news on this? getting same error here, my text is inside a modal as well

setValue doesn't show in autocomplete options

Hi LuizAsFight! It seems like a text component in a module is working for me. Would it be alright if I stepped into your app to take a look at your current setup?