Setting the default value of a custom tag/dropdown column of a table

I understand how to set a default value of a regular select component but there doesn't seem to be that option when working with a custom column in a table.

My goal is to set the default value for each row to be the 0-index value of my data source.

Hey @AlexW! :blush: Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your previous working setup so I can see your desired functionality?

I don't have a working example only a workaround that I'm satisfied with but I do still think the functionality I'm referring to should exist.

Currently there doesn't seem to be a way to set a default value for a Tag(Dropdown) custom column within a Table. The default value is always "-" where I would like to dynamically set it to another value I'm pulling from a SQL query.

Basically, here is how we plan to use the app. We want to have our user research a url and categorize it using one of the options in the Tag(Dropdown) column. We already have a predicted category for each record that we would like to set to the default value of that dropdown. The purpose of this is that if they can quickly identify all the predictions are correct, they can hit submit and save time instead of clicking through each record and manually selecting the category each time.

Here is a cropped screenshot of what it looks like now and a second one of what I'd like it to look like (with the values being the default option instead of selected and I also removed the predicted column because it would be redundant at this point)

  1. Current app:

  2. Ideal version:

Ah! My apologies for misunderstanding there. I definitely see that it's not possible to set default values for a custom column of single tag type. This should definitely be supported, so I went ahead and created an internal bug report/feature request for this and will let you know as soon as I hear back about this!

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Looks like it just got assigned! So we'll be working on this shortly :star_struck: Hope to reach out with good news soon

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Exciting update! This has been fixed. We'll just need to wait for the fix to make it to the next Cloud deploy which is generally within a couple days, so keep an eye out :blush::tada:

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Hello there ! is it available now ? And how can i implement it ? :slight_smile:

Are you able to add a value in the column settings page?

The Tag (Dropdown) column type (the name for our dropdown column type) is under a bit of construction! :hammer_and_wrench::construction_worker_man:

As of version 2.103.0, custom columns no longer have the option to be set as Tag column types. There's a workaround for this here. Existing columns with that type will continue to function, however, you'll notice that you can no longer create new custom columns and set them to the Tag type. Regular, non-custom columns can still be set as Tag column types.

There are also differences in behavior between Tag columns set to non-editable vs editable.

For non-editable Tag columns:

  • You can set the label and color of the Tag in the column settings

For editable Tag columns:

  • You can see the label, color and default value in the column settings
  • You can click on the cell to view the dropdown list of items

We're looking to make broader changes soon with the upcoming Table v2 component which has a target of being released in Q1 next year. If you have any questions or feedback about this column type, please feel free to start a new thread so we can better track responses/your concerns! :slight_smile: