Setting a HUGE workflow


I would like to create a workflow that has a trigger that runs daily at 6pm local time everyday. And for it to read data from my google sheet which has approx. 300 tables and I will use the A1 data range function for every block. Then my goal is to bulk insert data from my google sheet to my approx. 300 tables in my retool database that I have created.

My question is will I able to do that? and which payment plan is most suitable for me or I can still use the free tier?

I have upload just 3 steps of my workflow but it will have to be probably 100 times bigger than this. Please give me any advice, I would highly appreciate it.

This is definitely possible with Workflows! Are you currently blocked on any step in particular? I'd be happy to help.

And one run a day is well within the 500 free runs per month :slight_smile: