Set up staging and production environments for graphql

Hi, I have made some apps using a rest API and enjoy that when setting up the resource I can set up both a staging and development environment with seperate URLs and headers. I now want to create an app with a graphql API, but there is no option to set up two seperate environments within one graphql resource. Could this possibly be included in the future?

Hi @satchen-gush! Good note about the GraphQL not having an option for a staging environment. Let me look into this today and I’ll update in this thread!

Is this not what you want? Same as for REST resources.

Ahh, I think the issue might be that in the initial setup for the resource you aren’t given the option to add a staging environment. After that production environment is created as a resource, that option appears. Is that how it is showing up for you @satchen-gush ?

@pmetzdorf Thank you!

@alex-w That was the exact issue thanks, I just didn’t realise that you had to set up the prod environment first in order for the staging option to become visible. Thank you for the quick response!

@satchen-gush Totally fine, I wouldn’t have realized that without @pmetzdorf chiming in either. I opened up creating a new graphQL resource and said “Yep, he’s right it’s missing”.