Set the standard Zoom Factor for a Scanner Component

Dear Retool Team,

Good day!

Is there a method for us to set the standard Zoom Factor for a Scanner Component?

  • Goal:
    In the Scanner component, we would like to manually set the standard zoom factor of the camera when it is opened. For example, instead of default 1x, we can set it to 2x, 3x, etc.

  • Steps:
    So far, we have tried searching and reading about Scanner properties via and also using the search function in, but it seems like this feature does not exist yet.

  • Details:
    As a background, we are trying to build a tool for our Incoming Goods Warehouse Team and customizing the standard zoom factor will help us with our implementation to focus on just a single or individual barcode/qr code on labels which sometimes have more than one barcode/qr codes.

In comparison with the standard camera app from the smartphone, we can choose a zoom level. Based on selected zoom level, the smartphone switches to one of their 3 lenses, depends on which lens is the best for the selected zoom level.

Thank you in advance.