Set the data of the "File URL" field of a PDF Module

I have a Base64 String and want to put it in the File URL field in a "PDF Module".
There is no .setData() or .setValue() function. And I cant set it like pdf1.src = "JBASD..."..

So how can I achieve this?

I was trying to find the old post here on it, but one way Retool support suggested working around this is to setup a global variable which is set to parameter you'd like to set, then from you code you update that global variable. I'll keep looking.

Here it is. It's not global variable, it's called temporary state

Thank you brettski! :pray:
I was thinking about using state since retool is build on react. But, this Base64 Strings could get really long and I think this could become an issue later on.

In my use case I now use {{}} syntax with a little bit of further dot notation to load the Base64 into the "File URL" field just in the right time / after the query ran.