Set sortedColumn table attribute


I want to be able to set the sortedColumn attribute from a table component in a JS query.
Currently I can only use setSort() how doesn't update the sortedColumn value.

I'm using the sortedColumn value in the server side pagination with dynamic column sorting (Working with tables)


Dusty Campanella



Any updates on this one?


Hi @dusty-campanella-maxa! Thanks for reaching out about this! I relayed this issue to our internal engineers. We'll update this post when we're able to ship a fix :blush:

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Hi @dusty-campanella-maxa! This bug is fixed now :blush: Let us know if you run into any further issues or questions

Hi @Tess, in which release will the fix be available?

Hi @Tess , any update on the availability of the fix?

Hi @dusty-campanella-maxa this is available currently for cloud users & will be available for on-premise accounts in the next stable release (likely by the end of the month) :blush:

We'll post the release notes on this page of our docs when it's live:

Hi @Tess, I looked at the v2.78, v2.79 and v2.80 release notes but it doesn't seem to show the fix yet. Any update on the fix release?

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Hi @dusty-campanella-maxa It should be available starting in 2.78.

Let me know if you run into issues using .setSort() on any of those versions