Sending S3 image/png MIME type Not working

I am unable to send the image/png MIME type to S3 while saving an image captured with the camera component of the Retool Mobile native app. Please see below S3 query screen.

Problem is, when I take the image using the camera on my laptop, it works and I am able to open the image using the S3 Object URL in my laptop's browser, but when I capture the photo using my mobile phone (both andriod and iphone) cameras , I must submit the data in binary format; otherwise, it doesn't work. S3 Object URL returns some binary data see screen shot below

Am I doing something improper?

Hi @Smita ,

Instead of setting the Content-Type to image/png, please use binary and let us know if it solves your issue.

Supran, Yes, I've tried, and the binary content-type does solve the issue. However, when I click on the object URL in the S3 console, the file is being downloaded, and I don't want to download the file. Instead, the image should open in another tab of the browser, as it normally does.

but when I take a picture using my laptop camera in above requirement content-type 'image/png' works perfect. Object URL behaves as expected and doesn't download the image but instead displays on browser.


Correct, that is the current behavior. We are looking into supporting custom mime types and binary uploads. It will be addressed in a future update.

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