Selfhosted on AWS - suddenly not working. database migration issue?

Hi, We have not done any changes to our setup for months and then suddenly some hours ago we get a 502 error when trying to access Retool. I have tried to restart the containers but it does not help. When running docker-compoe up I get info that there are 67 pending database migrations.

api_1 | There are 67 pending database migrations. Retool will not start unless all database migrations have been run; If you are running multiple containers, another container is still running migrations... After it completes, please restart this container.
api_1 |
api_1 | To run migrate the database, run the following command:
api_1 |
api_1 | ./retool_backend --migrations-only
retoolonpremise_api_1 exited with code 1

Hey @CarstenV! Thank you for reaching out + happy to help here. Would you be able to run the command mentioned at the end of the logs? That should help with this issue! Let me know :crossed_fingers:

./retool_backend --migrations-only

Hi @victoria! I am running into the same issue. Unfortunately we do not have a retool_backend file.

Our Dockerfile says were running 3.8.12. Any suggestions?