Self-hosted retool source control to private repository

Hi Retool Community!

I am trying to integrate source control in a self-hosted retool application, but when I add all the configurations, it throws an error:
"Could not find GitHub repository. Check your Github settings, Source Control settings, or your environment variables."

When I try to add a public repository, it is successful, so the environment variables are added correctly to the container. But it fails when I try to add an internal(private) repository.
Both have the GitHub app connected, they have the same configuration besides one being private and one being public in visibility.

Is there an option to use a private repository with source control?

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Hey @zsoltszv you should be able to use a private Github repo. Are you using two different apps, or did you switch the app to connect to the private repo? Can you share any container logs (api and jobs-runner) for when you attempt to connect?