Selection from one Table needs to effect shown data on another

So I have two tables one is the main selection table that pulls from one google sheet. The other table is pulling data from a separate google sheet. Both tables have the same id for the property selected in the main table. The 'taskstable' needs to be filtered to only show the matching id that is selected in the main 'leadsTable'. I've tried transformers and json to sql query and could get nothing to work for hours and hours. Please help see photo below.

Hi @growthatfire!

Here's an idea for a transformer whose value could be passed to taskstable but I'm not sure if it fits your situation:

const taskData = {{}};
const selectedIDs = {{ =>[index].id)}};
return taskData.filter(row => selectedIDs.includes(;

Would you mind posting an example of something you've tried?

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