Selecting last 15 characters from a string

Hi All,

How would I go about selecting the last 15 characters in a predetermined string - for example, an address search API query returns the following

Number,Street Name,City,County,Postcode,A00008208248,ST

In this instance, all I require for the next API search is "A00008208248,ST" - How do I go about taking just this part of the string?


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Welcome @ModutelUK ,

FYI, this is the perfect type of question for ChatGPT and its kind:

"In JS how to select just the last 15 characters of a string?"

In JavaScript, you can select the last 15 characters of a string by using the slice() method. Here's how you can do it:

let str = "This is a sample string and we want the last 15 characters.";
let last15 = str.slice(-15);
console.log(last15);  // Outputs: "15 characters."

If the string contains fewer than 15 characters, this approach will return the entire string. If you want exactly 15 characters and no less, you'll need to add a conditional check.

I didn't even think of ChatGPT.

Thank you Bradly.

I am using ChatGPT more and more for coding questions like this - JS and SQL mostly. I even use it to debug code - I'll give it the code, tell it the error and it will usually find a fix - sometime completely refactors my code/SQL to improve it. It is saves me time and teaches me new things.

Even if I know how to do something, giving ChatGPT a prompt and having it build the code for me can be faster than me typing it, and it won't have all the bad typist typos which I am (in)famous for.

Retool's built in ChatGPT support for their code windows is coming along as well.