Selecting a customer from a table and having the primary key follow job entry on a new table

I have a table on my retool database postgresql called customer_entry i also have another table called job_entry. I have a app that uses a customer entry json schema form on modal1 and a job entry json form on modal2 at the top of modal2 I have a table that displays the customer_entry data that is searchable thru a query search using last name function below that is the job entry form that on the table once the customer is selected I'd like the primary key in that table to carry to the job_entry table to be able to correlate the customer to the job

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Hey @Josh_Zabec can you share screenshots of what you have set up, and what errors you are hitting? If you have a reference to the customer_entry primary key anywhere in the app then you should be able to reference it in the insert statement when creating the job. Let us know where you are getting tripped up!