SelectedRow - Custom columns

I retrieved data from an API in a table component with retool.
I want to send the checked data into another table component.
What is the best way to send data to the second table ?
I need to customize some columns. SelectedRow does not retrieve custom columns


@UgZ welcome the community - any chance you can post screenshots or the data you are trying to add to a table...
Context may help me help you...

Hey @UgZ!

Custom columns are designed to be display-only which makes working with their data tricky. There are a couple of ways that you can go about this though:

  1. If you're looking to have that column be a part of the data in your table you might want to consider adding it using a transformer before passing the data to your table.
  2. You can also try copying the table so that the duplicate is created with similar column settings then just passing in the selected row data. This does decouple the two tables, however.

Let me know if either seems like it would work better for your use case!