Selected table row jumps around after query to refresh the table

I have a typical 2 pane setup where the user selects a row in the table and then is able to modify certain things on the right. However, whenever they modify something, I am refreshing the table with the same query I used to populate it and the selection is gone (Unless it's the first row for some reason).

Here is a video of the behaviour: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Any ideas how I can keep the selection after refresh?

Hi @ozgunk, Happy to help you out here -- are you writing the edited data back to where the table is populating the data in the first place from?

Hi Pawan, thank you for your response. Yes I am writing it back to where it came from: A backend solution called Xano

@ozgunk nice! That's perfect. Are you also making sure to re-query your resource for the most up to date data in your table?

Yes, I am. This behaviour seems to happen on requery.

Alright, so you make some changes, write those changes to your db and then re-read the new data from your db and display that in your table, but the previous values remain? That seems fishy to me..

Please confirm and if so may you please chime into Support via chat in the lower right hand corner. We can take a closer look at your connections :+1: