Select only one field

I'm currently querying a MongoDB with this query:

cond1:[{$match:{ Description:{{text8.value}} }}],
cond2:[{$match:{Description:{{text7.value}}, Field:"WallType" }}],
cond3:[{$match:{Description:{{text7.value}}, Field:"CavityStatus" }}],

{$project:{Roof:"$cond1", WALLS:"$cond2",Cavity:"$cond3"}}]

It brings me the following results:
Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 18.00.38

I'm wondering what I can add to this code so it just brings me the "ID" field.


You can use a Transformer... return data[0].Roof[0].ID or
{{whateverthenameoftheMongoDBquery.return data[0].Roof[0].ID}} in another field/component

Hero! Thanks for your help! I got it to work by using {{query4.rawData.Roof[0].ID}} in the end. Should I have defined data somewhere?