Select component change event

I think that there is an issue with the Select Component Change event handler in that the component properties other than "value" such as selectedItem, selectedLabel etc are not updated when the event is triggered. They show the (say) selectedItem before the change and not after a new value has been selected.

How can you get the selectedItem or selectedLabel as part of the change event so that can set a temporary state variable

Welcome to the forum... I tested this and do not see an issue...
How are you storing the selected value in the temp state variable?
You don't need a change event, simply set the temp state variable to be the selectedItem or selectedLabel

Thanks. But I want the temp state variable to be updated on a change in the selected value.
I am storing the selected item in the temp state variable use the select component Change event set temporary state action.

You should not need the event handler even if you use {{select1.selectedItem}}
Maybe I don't understand completely what you are trying to accomplish...there is no ability to set temporary state action...

Hey @MartinSher!

We're investigating a couple of issues that may be related to this. We can keep you updated here as they're fixed! In the meantime you can try using a script event handler instead of a set state event handler:

Let me know if that works?