Select column dynamically

please the problem is on the screenshots.... the 1st works
in the 2nd the name of 1 column is dynamic (from select5.value)... and it generates a column names $0 with my column name instead of the expected values... any idea how can i do?
thank you......

also tried {{select5.inputvalue}} , {{selected5.selectedlabel}} (or with " "too) ==> same result, it is not interpreted as a column name

please any idea? thank you so much :blush:

@Emmanuelle_S Can you post some example data from {{}}, so I can recreate and test?

yes, i've made a little extract on google sheets how can i send you?
my query is supposed to work?

I need it in JSON format...

export.json (19.6 KB)

So.... it seems that setting my columns dynamically this way with text or select inputs is only possible with the "old" table component, and doesn't work with the new one?

on the "new table" (is that right?) i have tried to do the same but nothing happens... all the columns of my database are displayed... or am i doing something wrong ?

i have tried to map a new column in the new table component, the column id is ok
but no values are displayed, what should i write in "value" field so the data of the chosen column can be displayed?

or do i have to keep working with the 1st table? what is the difference between the 2 please?

I am seeing issues with the new table as well trying to do something similar.... there is a Retool Office Hours today at 2pm EST and will join it and ask about my issue and yours... you can also join the Discord server for Retool here and then join the Retool Event office hours...


Running into this as well. Did you learn anything from the office hours?

Check out this solution from @Tess

I have read the conversations but seen no answer to this question...

no i still don't get my dynamic column, or it is to complicated for me to understand this syntax and re-use in my app..... but thank you for trying to help me :blush: :pray:

Hi @Emmanuelle_S I believe the new table + dynamic column settings will work for you! Is this related thread helpful for your case?

The app json above isn't working for me, but I believe you can put {{item}} for your label in the dynamic column settings & then clear the existing columns, as rixlayer mentions on the linked post