Search query doesn't search when table is paginated and How to edit table component's table add row button to open modal

Hi Retool Team!

I'm urgently asking for your guys help since I have a upcoming presentation for our Retool system this week. I have multiple questions and I hope you guys can help me with one of these.

Question 1:
Whenever I use the search bar with a a SQL search query it doesn't return any data when the bale is paginated (i.e 2 of 5)

Question 2:
I'm wondering if it is possible that I can edit the function of the add row button of the table component's toolbar to open a modal.

Hoping for your guy's response as soon as possible as this would be a great help for me with this upcoming presentation

Hey @Nur_Azril_Onkassim!

For 1. would you mind posting a screenshot of your current query?

For 2. it's possible to create a custom toolbar button on your table which can trigger an arbitrary query. In this case, you might try a JavaScript query that simply runs

Let me know if that helps!