Scanner: works only once?

I'm working on a retool app using the Scanner component.

It works fine for the first scan (Scan of a datamatrix).
My test setup is quite simple:

  • button for the scanner component
  • scan a datamatrix
  • either display the result directly from scanner component and/or launch an event which display a notification with
    utils.showNotification({title: "scanner:",
    description: JSON.stringify(,
    type: 'info',
    duration: 20});

The first scan is ok, I can see the values displayed and my is populated with one value, ex: ["12345"]

The second scan is never triggered, It remains on the scanner vue forever (displaying the live photo image)

i've tried to (and combinaisons of all the things below):

  • change the datamatrix (to change the value),
  • to set/unset all the options : automaticaly close after scan, ignore duplication, dismiss confirmation, set or remove the event trigger

I've also tested

  • scan, then close the scanner (either automatically or manually), then reclick on the button for the next scan
  • scan, shows to popup, and rescan, without closing the scanner component.

it always works on the first scan, and never on the second.

I must refresh the page to make the scanner work again.

I've tested from my mobile (one plus 7 pro, android 10, latest chrome) and from my desktop (macos latest, m1 chip, logitech stream cam in 1080p, latest vivaldi)

Both shows the same behavior: ok for the first scan, unable to "validate" the further scans.

[and for all this tests, i've only one Scanner component in the application].

am I missing something ? (perhaps I should 'reset' the scanner between two scans, but did not found anything in the documentation.


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Hey thomasltd! Thanks for reaching out about this. We are in the process of updating the scanner component to solve issues like this one. It seems to work sporadically for most people, and we are working on making it more consistent and reliable. Sorry for the inconvenience! I have added this thread to the bug report, and we will update you here when we have any more information!


Any updates on this? I'm experiencing the same issue.

Hey cclarke, we are still looking into the issues with the scanner component. As version 2 of this component is still a little ways out, we will up the priority of fixing existing bugs with the current component. We will update this thread when we have any more concrete information for you. Thanks for the ping!

Hi, any updated for scanner? I'm troubled with scanner component too.

Hey bluetill, what troubles are you having with the scanner component? Happy to look into them for you.

joeBumbaca, I too am having trouble with the scanner component. I'm facing the same challenges that the OP indicated. Scanner works for a single scan, and then the page must be refreshed in order to capture another scan. Refreshing must occur after each scan making the component very frustrating.

Like the OP mentioned, I was looking for a means to reset the scanner component on scan, but it doesn't seem there is a function for that.

Has there been any movement on the upgraded version of the component, or is that still very far down the road?

Thanks for any guidance you can provide,

Hey csMEMS, thanks for the update. We did make some improvements, and has stopped seeing the behavior that you describe. I'll check back in with the team and update you here when I have some additional information. Thanks for following up!

Just wanted to update the thread that we are able to reproduce these issues as well and have someone working on a fix. Sorry for the delay. I will update this thread when there is more news. Thanks for the patience.


it scanned once or twice, then I can't scan anymore. when I relaunch the website, then scanned once or twice again.
I tried iPhone's Safari and Chrome and Android's Chrom.

Hey everyone, looks like we got to the bottom of this one. The scanner component should be working as expected now, without having to refresh the page. Thanks for your patience!

Hi @joeBumbaca,

I am still facing the same issue here.

Hey Peera, would you mind sharing the Retool version number you are on? And what specific issue you are facing? Thanks!

Hi @joeBumbaca,

I too am still facing the same issue. I'm running my app on and iPhone using Safari and the scanner component allows me to scan one barcode, automatically closes, and functions as expected. The second time I activate the scanner, the scanner remains blank. The scanner still has "Back Camera" selected but no preview comes up and no additional barcodes are scanned. Switching the camera to "Front Camera" allows the preview to show, but then returning to "Back Camera" will never scan a barcode. It shows the preview, but won't scan. In order to scan a second time, I need to reload the page and start over.

I'd be happy to send you a screen recording if that would help you diagnose the problem, but videos aren't able to be posted to the forum.

I know in your previous reply to @Peera, you were looking for the Retool version number, but I'm not sure where to find that. If you direct me to its location, I'd be happy to provide that to you.


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Hey csMEMS, thanks for reaching out about this. We were able to reproduce this issue on mobile with Safari and are taking a look. I'll update this post with any new information when I have it!

Hey everyone, I believe that the issue with the scanner component on a mobile device running safari has been fixed. Let us know if you see any other issues. Thanks!

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Hi @joeBumbaca,

I think the issue is fixed in Safari, but in Chrome it still occurs.

Hey Peera, sorry to hear that you are still facing an issue here. We haven't been able to reproduce this with mobile Chrome, it seems to work as expected. Can you explain your specific issue, your Retool version etc and we can dig into this further for you. Happy to do this here or have you write into Support. Thanks!

Hi @joeBumbaca ,

Thank you for your reply. Just take a look at it in a few moment and I think it should be worked!

Glad to hear it! Thanks for the update!