Scanner module - Any instructions for complete novice's?

Hi all, complete novice here and been playing with the on prem version to see what kind of tools I can put together.

Was reading about the scanner module in the docs found here in the link below. Scanner | Retool Component Library and Retool Mobile component library

Now when I test the module from the docs page on both my laptop and mobile, i can indeed get the camera to work, however when I use the button within my app I simply get an error stating " We weren't able to get access to your camera. You may have to approve this in settings."

Are there any detailed instructions on how to get this module to work?
The doc also mentions the ability to add javascript. Do i need to manually configure this button with java script to make this work? If so, what is the point of physically having this preset option in modules if it still needs to be coded with javascript to make it work? what am i missing?



This may be a function of the device itself and not Retool...
Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 9.39.39 AM

Hi Scott.
Im not sure if it's suppose to be as easy as dropping the "launch scanner" button onto the body in order to make it work but when i test the retool sample here Scanner | Retool Component Library with both my laptop as well as my mobile i can indeed get the camera to pop up.

However if i simply drop the launch scanner onto my app and test with both laptop and mobile it errors out.

Retools version

My Version

Hey @pete82! Hopping in here to try to help. You should be able to see the scanner you drop in your app. If you create a new app and drop the scanner in, does it work? And would you mind if I stepped into your org to test out the scanner component?