S3 uploader File name override issue

Hello retool team, i am facing issue with override file name in s3 uploader button. i want dynamic file name " like - 1627550976434.jpg " (timestamp name) but it always take same timestamp value not updating timestamp when i upload new image.

Hi @girdhar! Would you mind sharing a screenshot of you're currently setting the timestamp name?

This s3File Name not updating.

Ah! I just tested on my end and I can definitely see that it's not reloading.

Just to check before we get too deep, would a separate query to an S3 resource work for you? That runs the moment function before passing it in, so it's working as expected!

Yes I have tested it. And it works fine for me but this feature have an separate issue. That is I can not specify s3Bucket folder name. it directly put file in s3 bucket. But if want to store that file same s3Bucket but in some folder so can't do it because there is no option for specify folder name.
s3Uploder button have this feature but not in query. So can you tell me how can i specify folder name in s3 query.

Hey @girdhar! If you include the file directory in the filename it will target the correct folders, you can also create new folder by uploading a blank file input to a file name of foldername/

A similar example here: Create empty folder in S3 - #2 by alex-w

Thanks @alex-w it's working now. Also thanks to @victoria for your efforts to solve my issue.

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