S3 Upload Data returns "Failed to fetch" but also shows success message

This is the setup. When I run the query, the response at the bottom shows Query ran successfully, but at the top of the screen very briefly it shows Failed to fetch. Also the file is not uploaded to S3.

I'm able to perform other actions in S3, but the upload fails.

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Have you considered using the s3 component? Docs here

Side note:

I noticed that the query name is uploadToStaging2, and so I thought it might be helpful for you to know that environments management is built in to retool. see here

Hi, yes I have considered it, but I plan to support multiple file uploads and uploading to multiple locations so I was hoping to use the "file drop zone" component rather than the S3 one.

Thanks for the side note! That's useful!

Ahhh I think I figured it out. Digging for how to resolve this:

Hey @zegarelli! Happy to try helping here :slight_smile:

Did this work before? Does your CORS policy include upload permissions?

Yep, it was a bad CORS policy on our end. I had a bad source url. Thanks for reaching out!

Oh, awesome! Great work, detective🕵🏻