S3 folder path definition capability in one component and not another?

I implemented the following:

My question is if there is a way the folder path can be set as it can be done in the s3uploader button component? If not why not?
The s3uploader is limited to one file but the folder path can be defined.

But the ability to upload multiple files doesn't allow you to define the folder path....

Any ideas?

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OK I figured it out.
Essentially, the filepicker upload function puts all files at the root of the s3 bucket, but you can move the file using
Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 11.13.40 AM
in your s3 resource query.

Actually this is now working - had a slight typo but Support helped..... I should have looked at the example more closely...

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ScottR... I just ran into same issue and found your post here. To clarify your solution, are you saying you created a S3 resource query to upload the multiple files (per the example you referenced in the question you posted) and THEN created a new S3 query to move the files to another location (folder) in your bucket?

This seems like an oversight from Retool team to not let us specify in the resource query, but allow it in the "s3 uploader button". Or they should enable "multiple files" in that S3 uploader button to begin with.

Anyhow, please let me know your approach. Thanks

Yes, you are correct.

  1. Upload multiple files
  2. Create another query to move files
  3. Create another query to then Delete original file because it isn't needed

I found it possible specifying folder path while multiple files uploading.

You just have to specify Upload file name including desired path.

Wish it helps someone.

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Thanks for noting this!. It did not occur to me to do that when I initially implemented this functionality - appreciate it!

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