Run all tests of the application

We are trying to implement app testing using continuous integration, following this documentation: Implement app testing using continuous integration, but we found some problems on the generated script that run the tests.

The scripts tries to click on the "Tests" button in the dropdown menu, but the selector that is being used, doesn't match with the real element in the retool screen. The script uses:

await'[data-testid="open-tests-modal"]') and it doesn't find this element and it breaks.

How could we adjust that? Or, is there any other way to run all tests to guarantee the CI?

Hi @gabrielasouza

Thanks for reaching out about this! It sounds like a bug with this feature :disappointed: Do you know what the correct selector is? Or, if not, do you know what version of Retool you're using? Element ids/classes can change without warning, and I believe this feature hasn't been updated in quite some time. I think you could update the generate.js script with the proper selector

Hi! We were not able to adjust for the corrector selector, since the "tests" button doesn't have an id or something like that. :confused:

Our Retool version is 2.116.8

Hi @gabrielasouza-cit

Thanks for letting us know :disappointed: I'll post back here when we have a fix

Hi @gabrielasouza-cit

I will still post back here when I get an update internally. In the meantime, I don't have testing on 2.116.8, but looking at 2.117 I believe the id is:

Pasted Graphic 1.png