Retool users seeing different results for the same table

I am have a confusing problem.

We have a table that shows the app users we have, including when they joined.

It worked fine until lately. I used to click on the top of the joinedDate column to sort by ascending/descending order to see the latest users.

Then randomly dates were appearing incorrectly, and one couldn’t sort to put in order (even with incorrect dates).

The date used to show date and time, we adjusted the format so it is only the date. This seemed to fix the problem for one of the two Retool accounts that have access to it.

But for some reason it doesn’t fully work for the other Retool account. Which doesn’t make sense as we are looking at same data.

The correct joined date is shown for the app user in last two weeks for both Retool accounts viewing the table. We will call these accounts Retool user 1, Retool user 2.

For Retool user 2, after about the 13th app user, the join date for the app users in the table is wrong. Often showing months in the future.

Here is an example after sorting for newest date first. This screenshots will be slightly confusing as the screenshots of the table view for Retool user 2 were taken about 2 days after the screenshots Retool user 1 view, so a few more people joined in that time.

I added numbers for the corresponding app users on each screenshot.
They match up so Red color 1 = Blue color 1 (they are the same app user). The dates for the first (newest) 8 users are the same (there might be one day difference as Retool user 1 is looking at in a timezone that is about 12 hours ahead of Retool user 2).

Starting with app user number 9 you will see that Retool user 1 is seeing the joinedDate as March 13, 2022
but for Retool user 2 the app user number 9 shows a joinedDate of Dec 3 2022, and the app users after that have other random dates in the future.

I am confused by this as shouldn’t Retool user 1 and Retool user 2 see the exact same thing?

This is also a problem for another table when it comes to dates.

I cleared cache, tried with a different browser, etc if just happened to be some weird simple thing like that, but the problem remains.

For what it is worth both Retool users have all permissions, Retool user 2 also has admin rights.

Any thoughts on this would be great.

Hi @Bruce! This is really strange--thanks for the helpful screenshots. Could you try an incognito window as well (in Chrome)?

I'd also be curious to know what caching settings you're using, as well as what column settings you have set on this table

Missed this reply. Will look later today and reply