Retool Self Hosted Loses Progress


I was working on my app on Retool self-hosted on one my companies servers. I basically hold down CTRL-S the whole time when I'm editing my app so my changes were all saved. We had to do some server maintenance and restart the machine the docker instance is running on. After restarting, Retool seemed to lose all progress since the last saved version (although the changes since then appear in the history, restoring doesn't work, it just takes me back to the lastest named version).
Is there something I'm missing or did Retool just lose a chunk of my progress?

Hey @sshersh!

What Retool version are you using? Also, would you mind sharing if any errors show up in your browser's dev tools when trying to restore a previous version?

It may help to see a screenshot of your history indicating which versions you've tried to restore, a video would be awesome too! I know that might be a lot to ask :sweat_smile: but any extra information here is great!