Retool Mobile Feature Newsletter, November 2022

Retool Mobile Feature Newsletter, November 2022

We’ve been consistently pushing new builds for iOS and Android for Retool Mobile, and wanted to highlight some of our latest product updates:

Available to all

  1. Key Value Component allows you to display rows of key-value pairs or objects in a two-column table. Key Value can drastically reduce the total number of components on an app. We recommend adopting this feature as much as possible for better app performance.

  2. Get current location use utils.getCurrentPosition() in a Javascript query to access the current location of a device. Note: users must first approve location access on their device.

  3. onLoad event is added to screens when the screen is first loaded. Different from onVisible, this is only triggered when the screen is added to the display stack for the first time.

Available upon request

  1. Imports from the photo library improves the current camera component, and allows users to import images from the phone’s photo library.

  2. Textarea allows you to add a textarea form input, and optionally allows the field to auto expand as content is added.

  3. localStorage, which allows you to persist data on your device across multiple sessions. See our documentation here. Note that we've launched with a maximum storage limit of 1MB. Stay tuned for storage solutions involving larger objects.

  4. Deselect is an option on the Select component to enable users to deselect their choice.

  5. Multiselect is a new component that allows users to select multiple options.

  1. Datetime picker, which allows you to add a date and time combo input. Time zones are also supported.

Coming soon

  1. NFC reader, which allows you to read information from an NFC tag.
  2. Retool Mobile Debug tool