Retool Mobile Feature Newsletter, January 2023

We’ve been consistently pushing new builds for iOS and Android for Retool Mobile, and wanted to highlight some of our latest product updates:

Recent product updates

  1. :partying_face: White-labeling is now available upon request for our Enterprise customers, so you can deploy custom branded apps to the App Stores.

  2. :construction: Offline mode is now available upon request, so users can read and write data from their app, even without internet connection.

  3. :mailbox: Improved distribution enables you to send a sharelink so that users can be automatically logged into your apps after being prompted to download Retool mobile from the App Store or Play Store.

  4. :technologist: Debug tools are now available in the mobile editor for Retool Mobile.

  5. :ledger: Pull to refresh, so you can add a “refresh” event on the screen to allow users to pull to refresh (or call any other queries).

New components

  1. :camera: Camera improvements allow you to take multiple photos in a row, and import uploads from your photo library.

  2. :zebra: Zebra integration is now available upon request, so you can install Retool Mobile apps on Zebra devices and utilize built-in Zebra scanners and sensors.

  3. :hammer_and_wrench: Signature component so you can capture signatures from your device.

  4. :calling: NFC reader allows you to read data from NFC tags.

  5. :drum: Stepper component allows you to +/- number inputs.