Retool is down! I am not able to make changes in my retool apps and queries are taking way more time

From 30 min to 1 hour I am not able to see anything from retool nor able to edit app
I can only see this :thinking:

@retool Can anyone check or help me here?

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Hi everyone,

We had an outage last night and it was resolved around 3 hours ago. I apologize for the issues caused to your work and the time it cost you.

Here are all the details on the outage we have at the moment, and our team will be looking into the reasons this happened going forward:

Let us know if you're still running into any issues!


@victoria we're still experiencing issues, it seems calls to take a long time or timeout all together. Not sure if it's all API endpoints or just this one.

Ack. It seems like it's happening again :frowning: Let me reach out to our on call engineers now!

Us too, I'm afraid.

Last time this happened it left us with long-term issues where our apps ( or more precisely our queries) couldn't be updated; hopefully we can avoid that this time?

We should be back up! Please do let us know if any issues continue to arise, I'll be monitoring this thread just in case!

It's working fine for me :partying_face:

Awesome. Thank you for confirming :pray:

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