Retool -> HubSpot Add missing scopes

Hi team,

I'm setting a new workflow to CONCAT HubSpot properties and update. During developing that I realized Retool doesn't refer all scopes for HubSpot while the HubSpot private app allows to refer.(images attached). For example, I wanted to use "crm.schemas.contacts.write" but couldn't refer from Retool side.
Does anyone have idea to solve this problem? Thank you.

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Hey @Y_O! Pinged our internal team responsible for this connector to see about adding those scopes. I'll update you here as I get any new information on the status.

@Y_O Are there other scopes that you would like to see besides crm.schemas.contacts.write?

Just to update further, our team has added some additional scopes which should be available in our next cloud release (Wed 1/24).

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