Retool-Github HTTP request fails to /api/commits do to 504 error

We have retool that has integration to our github organization account.
When we try to do a commit via retool we get the following error:

"2022-06-07T11:18:32.620467178Z[HPM] Error occurred while trying to proxy request /api/commits from [OUR DOMAIN] to http://localhost:3001 (ECONNRESET) (Errors | Node.js v18.3.0 Documentation)"

This problem occurs occasionally

Thx in advanced for your help

Hey @akAdmin! Just wanted to close the loop here for anyone reading this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

The solution here was to use more github keys (closer to 1 key per instance) instead of 1 key per 5 instances.

Every 5 secs per instance, we send out ~12 pings a minute or ~720 pings an hour at minimum. Once you start making changes, that number goes up quite quickly (every change is a ping). And then multiple that by 5 for each instance, which very easily reaches the github rate limit of 5k pings per hour.