Retool does not have access to my google drive when using other's account

I created a Retool app that connects to my own Google Drive as a resource and it works well. Now I invited a person, who accepted the invitation and was able to see the app, but she did not have access to my Google Drive, despite re-authenticating herself to grant her permission. Moreover, the app was throwing an error 'The caller does not have permission'. Can anyone check if it's a user error, or a bug on your side. The whole idea of this app is to have my Google Drive as a backend and can be shared across multiple people.

Hey @dgao!

What kind of authentication flow are you using for this resource?

With OAuth 2.0 you have the option to share your credentials across users which should allow others to access your drive as though they were you:

If you're looking to have them use their own Google credentials you'll need to authorize them on the Google side.

Amazing! That works! Thank you so much.

Just adding another solution for the "The caller does not have permission" error.

This also happens when the owner of a sheet leaves the company, so if you only get this error for one/a few sheets, then this is likely the cause. Having an admin/another user with edit access re-share the file should fix this in this case!