Retool App of the Week!

Hi All,

My name is Chris Smith and I'm a developer advocate here at Retool.

@justin and I are excited to start shining a spotlight on the cool apps that you all are building with a new weekly post highlighting the Retool App of the Week. Each weekly winner will receive some really dope Retool shwag and be highlighted in the Show and Tell forum.

The first App of the Week feature will go out on Friday of next week: 5/28. We'll be perusing the forums and other Retool communities looking for great apps. If you have something you are working on, please reply to this thread with a description of the app and screenshots.

We know a lot of the apps that you build are internal and not shareable, so this is a bit of an experiment for us to see how much of what you're building is publicly shareable. Please share your feedback with us by commenting on this thread.

LASTLY, I'll be kicking off a Retool Hackathon in the very near future with some cash prizes. Get excited and stay tuned!