Retool app is unresponsive in edit mode

Hello, I have been building an app for my team and it has been working great. However, for the past 1 week, I have been unable to edit the app. the moment I open the app in edit mode, my browser is stuck and remains unresponsive. I have tried this several times on different browsers and operating system but still getting the same results. The app is still available to the users and other apps can be edited

Hey @Ngoci!

If you're locked out of editing an app you can try using the _historyOffset URL parameter to step back in time to a point when it didn't crash. Be careful with it though as it will cause you to permanently lose changes you've made when doing a revert. You can read more documentation on it here.

It may also help if we can take a look at screenshot of your browser console when the crash happens and any error messaging you might be seeing (though it sounds like it's just freezing at the moment?)

Hello, Here is a screenshot of the browser console

Sorry for the late reply here!

I'm curious to know more about what this is:

If it's ok for us to step into your org we can take a look directly at the app as well since it doesn't seem that there's anything super obvious in the console :thinking:

Had you tried _historyOffset at all, or did you decide against it?

Hello, I was able to resolve the issue,
It was caused by a chart with an aggregate function on some data. Each of the data series had 22.5k color definitions which ended up crashing the browser.
I resolved by reverting to a previous build with the help of a support team member. I am now able to edit the app

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