Retool and Mediawiki

has anyone ever integrated Retool AI withj Mediawiki?
I am thinking of building an Ai powered chatbot for our internal company knowledgebase which runs on Mediawiki.

Hey @theidleguest - I'm the PM for Retool AI :wave:

If the site is public, you can simply enter the URL into the Retool Vectors product: Store web page text in Retool Vectors | Retool Docs

However, I imagine in your case, the site is private and requires authentication. You could build a simple Retool Workflow that:

  1. pings the API for your Mediawiki site to return the raw text
  2. inserts that raw text into Retool Vectors

We plan to add some workflow templates to our online docs soon to show how you can do this with Slack, Confluence, and other popular sources!

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Hi @david-dworsky
thanks for your reply. The wiki is private and runs on 192.168...
Therefore, no public URL.
Would I be able to store it into a vector db using the self-hosted vesrion of Retool?

Retool AI is coming to on-premise deployments October 5th, so you should be able to use it then. All the vectors are stored in Retool Database which runs on-prem, in your VPC.

However, Retool Vectors is powered by OpenAI (you can enter your own OpenAI API key so it never talks to Retool's servers). If you require using a self-hosted model, we are looking into supporting that in the near future.

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Thank you, @dworsky
We are thinking of using Llama on premise to do some experiments :slight_smile:

Hello @dworsky , was the feature released yesterday eventually?

@theidleguest yes it's now available in version >=3.14