Retool + Airtable - Are you building something around this?

I recently finished making a video series on creating a product catalog system using Retool and Airtable. If you're just getting started with building off of these two services, I think this video will help ya get started.

I cover a range of topics in this series including:

  • API GET/POST Requests to Airtable
  • Using the List View Component
  • Creating Click-handlers
  • Creating dynamic UIs
  • Making use of Modals
  • Using the Tabbed Container
  • Using custom columns in a Table Component
  • Creating nested Modals
  • Creating Custom React Components to display dynamic arrays as "tag-like" data points
  • Creating a Custom React Component for an image gallery via GridList
  • Using the Mapbox Component

Link to the Retool+Airtable video series: Retool + Airtable - YouTube

List to my entire playlist of Retool Apps: Building Retool Apps - YouTube


This is really incredible content Joe. Thanks for sharing!!

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