REST api error return encoding

Here’s an error response from a REST api accessed from the {{queryName.error}} property that is not being encoded correctly:

I dont have this issue when viewing the same response in Postman.

Two questions:

  1. Seems to be an encoding issue - perhaps ISO-8812x is being translated as UTF-8, so that what should be a question-mark ? is being replaced by
    :heavy_multiplication_x:” (U+2716 Heavy Multiplication X Unicode Character), or a strange bold :information_source: symbol
  2. Assuming the encoding issue causing 1. is solved somehow (suggestions welcome!), is there a guide to how to parse errors returned via {{queryName.error}} so that an app can display the actual error message property within the {{queryName.error}} string?

Hi @gsanders! Would you mind messaging in on the intercom chat in the bottom right corner of the editor? We’ll need a little more account level information and potentially some access to help troubleshoot here!