Resourse query maximum size

Hi all, i meet an issue. I have a simple mongodb resource, it connected to collection with 80k documents. In some reasons when im running query it through "Result exceeded maximum size of 100 MB" , but i know that there is limits on aggregation not find. Please help me to find right way to retrive data to retool

Hey @nekitdar!

The 100MB limit applies to any query response that comes back to Retool. If you're finding that the data you're requesting is too large, you might want to try setting up server-side pagination. There's some information on how to configure that specifically for MongoDB in this post from someone who tried it before, but if you'd be willing to share more information about your query (the code itself or a screenshot would be great!) we can look into it with you here as well.

Let me know if either of those links raises any additional questions!