Resource environments not working as expected

Hello! I have a question about using a REST endpoint in multiple environments.

I have an app that is used to calculate product pricing based on several parameters, such as height, width and length. Recently, I added a new parameter to the app, "overlay", so I want to update my endpoint in my development environment accordingly.

So in development, my endpoint would ideally look like:

and in production, it would look like:

However, the REST endpoint updates for both environments, meaning both production and development have the additional parameter of "overlay" which breaks my production environment.
Is there a way to have a single query that uses rest endpoints with a different set of parameters based on the environment? Or is this a current limitation of Retool?
Thank you for the help!


Are you on the free version? If so, I believe there is only one environment available. Production.
If you have more than one environment you can use {{retoolContext.environment === 'staging'?'your additional parameter':''}} or vice versa in the params section below the path field.

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