Resizing a text on a table

Hi Retool team,

I'm currently trying to resize the text on a table's column value that has a "Multi Line" type since the font seems bigger than the others. I tried to use an override CSS but it's not changing anything. Is there something I'm doing wrong here?

._retool-table10 {
font-size: 10px!important;

Hi @deanda.bevani! :wave:

Oh interesting. Your multiline text definitely does look bigger than your other text. In my table, all the text seems to be the same size. Do you have any other CSS that might be affecting this table styling?

If you create a new app and copy this table (ctrl c and ctrl v should let you copy a component between apps so you don't have to recreate all the settings), do you still see a discrepancy?

Hi @victoria ,

I've copied this table to a different app and it still has a different font size compared to other columns. Do you have any idea what causes this to happen? Thanks!

Thank you for trying! Would it be possible for me to step into your app to poke around? If so, DM’ing me a link to your app would be great :slight_smile:

If not, no worries, I can just ask you more questions this way!

Update for any visitors: looks like there may be some conflicting org-level CSS!