Renewals Control Center (Salesforce Opportunity Management)

I built a Renewals Control Center for my team to do what Salesforce couldn’t (or at least not without a ton of compromises and an APEX developer). It allows my account managers to manage and update their Salesforce opportunities and forecasts, combined with Zapier webhooks to give us real-time alerts/notifications. I’ll share screenshots and a live capture once I can connect it to a dummy DB. Our evolution with the app, however, went from it originally consuming Google Sheets data to moving to mySQL for performance reasons. We simply pushed Google Sheets and its query function performance to its limits; a migration to mySQL on AWS RDS improved performance a thousand-fold. I love Retool, it’s an indispensable tool in our operation because of the agility and independence from bandwidth-constrained sales operations teams it provides us.

Awesome to hear @sfbrophy, looking forward to seeing more!!