Render Cell as Pure HTML in Dynamic Column Settings

Is it possible to pass a value for Render Cell as Pure HTML attribute in Dynamic Column Settings?


Hi @teamrappid !

Could you give an example of what you're looking to do here?

You are able to dynamically pass in HTML values into these columns, but I don't believe you can dynamically set the columns settings!

Hi, I'd like to upvote this.
I'm trying to create a pivot table by transforming a query result with one default value and several options given in JSON, so the raw result looks something like this:
"ID": 1,
"Quantity": 100,
"Price": 10,
"Lead_Time": 7,
"Options": [
And I may have more than one such record (with different quantities) and all of them I'd like to show in one pivot table. Also, I want to highlight default values and show the price and lead time in each column if the part has such an option and write this info as HTML.
So, as a result I already have a table with an uncertain amount of columns which I'd like to render as pure HTML.
Please see the screenshot - I made it manually to show the final result I'm looking for.

Columns from "1" to "200" are dynamic

BTW, if some column was set as HTML it will be displayed correctly. As a workaround I may create a test request with all possible options and set them format upfront.

Hi @mtroinin !

Thanks for your message! Unfortunately, dynamically setting the Render cell as HTML is not yet supported! You can currently only dynamically set values for:

  • name (string)
  • type (string)
  • frozen (string)
  • mapper (string)
  • colorMapper (string)
  • restricedEditingMapper (string)

I too am looking for this feature.

I'd like to set columns of a table to HTML from dynamic column settings.

Hey @jclutterbuck!

HTML is a valid column type, so you might try using dynamic column settings to set that as the type for your columns:

Could that work?
dynamic_html_column (1).json