Rename multiple javascript tags to different query data source after duplicate?

If I copy an existing component, the new component has all the javascript tags same as the one it was duplicated from.

Is it possible to rename all the variables in the new component without having to do each one individually?

Hello @biz,

Please could you give me more context on what you mean, adding screenshots would be very helpful

:thinking: the closest thing I'm thinking of here is to either use module inputs to parameterize the values in a given component - I don't know that I would recommend it for a single component you're just trying to copy though. As Ugo mentioned, it may be helpful to know more about your specific situation in case there's another workaround for it!

Lets say I have a container with 4 text boxes and text1 which has the following content, while the other 3 have same inData.value source:

confirmed: {{inData.value.confirmed[i]}}
created_at: {{inData.value.created_at[i]}}
ident: {{inData.value.ident[i]}}
is_active: {{inData.value.is_active[i]}}
link_token: {{inData.value.link_token[i]}}

If I copy and paste this container to another app and want to use a different data source I have to click into each component and update each source variable(20+). It would be great to be able to select a component from the explorer and find / replace inData.value to for example.

I cant find any way to refactor manually like this. I know if I change the name of the input it updates thru out and a work around to my question might be to change the name of the data source to match what was pasted which would automatically update existing reference and make the data source match the new pasted component fields.

Similarly in the fields where javascript can be written find / replace would be great. Did I miss it?

It doesn't look like there's a way to do so, the workaround you have in place is about as close as I would think to get without using a module. Again though, especially if you're using multiple components, a module might be something to consider here!

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I tried to use modules for this purpose and ran into the issue of listView not accepting modules.

I see, supporting nesting modules within listviews is something that's on the radar for the dev team but we don't have a timeline for when it will be included. When it is though, we'll report back here!