Removing editing icon in table header


How do I remove the editing icon from the table header when that column is editable? If it’s not possible, can you add this as a feature request please?

Thank you,

Hey @wfisher! Welcome to the Retool community :wave: Thanks for writing in about this.

Currently the only way to remove the “pencil” edit icon from the table header column is with a little custom CSS. If you haven’t written custom CSS in Retool yet, check out this post I wrote a little while back.

Here’s a CSS snippet that you can use to hide both the “pencil” icon from editable tables as well as the “formla” icon from custom columns. (Since we don’t have any specific CSS classes for the divs that contain these icons, it’s difficult to select one or the other [unless you are better at CSS than me :smile:]).

.rt-resizable-header-content div > div {
  display: none;

In general for custom UI tweaks like you request, you’ll want to use custom CSS.