Reload Feature. Reload Feature

I have an Order column on one of my tables which is supposed to let the operator change the order of the rows on the form.
I have tried my own code to get the table to refresh after the order entries have changed and nothing seems to work.
But I have discovered that the Reload feature in the lower right of the table accomplishes the reordering that I am looking for.
I have tried to find the code that is under the Reload icon and have not been successful.
Where would I find this?

My understanding of the refresh button is it simply re-runs the underlying query that the table is associated with

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Use Bulk update (Save Changes)

It can be helpful to automatically reload your table data using a success handler on your update query. There's more info here in the docs!

I think I have overcome the refresh problem, so I am OK there.

I have unfortunately have come up with a MySQL problem which I have submitted to that forum.

Thank you for all your replies.