Refreshing Images

I have an app for uploading an image stored in S3. The image filename is hardcoded and it is overwritten when a new file is uploaded. I am looking for a way to make the image refresh without manually refreshing the page.

So far, I've tried to refresh the page using "Go to app", "Go to URL" and running a script with "utils.openUrl" but none of these seem to work if I'm already on the desired app/URL. Ideally I'd like to refresh only the image that was updated but I'll settle for a page reload

Maybe you can try to use "Query Refresh":

It's an image and not a query so I don't think that will work.

I was able to make it work by using "Control component" and busting the cache by appending a random query param, eg{{Math.random()}}

I'll leave this open for a bit just to see if there's a better way

Yeah, I ended up not understanding that you wanted to update after a while. You can use ?whatever, actually anything after the '/?" already validates a refresh without user cache, but see if it makes sense to put in the same button an event action setting the image with a '#' and after a few seconds, setting again the url of the image with the parameter you need.

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Another way would be to use actions in the query success, e.g,

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