Refresh Retool when Database is Updated

Hi there. Is it possible for Retool to 'monitor' the database that it is connected to for changes?

I have an app that uses Google Firestore as the database, and I use Temp State to store some data for performance reasons. Lets say I have 2 users. If User A creates a new record in Firestore via the Retool app, can this be 'pushed' back to Retool, such that User B then sees the new record?

Alternatively is there a way of monitoring the Firestore DB for changes...? The only option I have seen so far is to periodically run the queries that update the Temp State.

I have seen this documentation from Google, but am unsure if the Retool Firestore API supports it.

Any thoughts, comments or guidance would be much appreciated



Found this topic Firebase realtime updates

Would be great to understand what solutions might be available if Firestore listening is not an option



Hi @turps808

Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, Retool doesn't support any ongoing connections like Firebase realtime or GraphQL subscriptions yet. The closest option at the moment is that queries can be set to trigger periodically, every X milliseconds, under the advanced settings of the query.

Many thanks for the information Tess - I'll give the periodic trigger a go