Refocus back to the first tab on tab container


After user hits submit button. We would like it to focus back to tab 1. Below you can see it is current on tab 3 (but this could be any of the 10 tabs)


How is the best way to approach this?


I would try setting the "Default view" in tabbedContainer settings to the value from tab1, in your example using a temp state variable
Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 10.42.33 AM

thank you!

Let's say, I am on Tab3:

To get back to Tab1:

Set a tempState variable to the tabbedContainer default index of 1
orginalTab is the name of the temporary state variable and set it to {{tabbedContainer1.viewKeys['0']}}

Then let's say you click the Button and that runs query1, when query1 succeeds, you create an event handler to set the tab value to the tab value using {{oringalTab.value}}